Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bannister Academy is Giving Away Scholarships for SY 2011-2012

At Bannister Academy, we’ve realized that education isn’t just about students learning from teachers. It’s also about teachers learning from students. That’s why we have lofty aspirations for our students. We don’t just want to teach them. We want to be inspired by them.

That's why Bannister Academy is giving out two full financial scholarships for one male and one female child this school year, 2011-2012.

Do you know children who inspire you? Do you know children who make you want to be a better person? Do you know children who you are SURE will make the world a better place someday? If so, let us know about them.

We don’t think that we’re going to change the world. But we’re sure that some kid will. We just want to meet that kid, and hopefully, be part of his or her story.

Who is qualified?
• Anyone who is eligible for transfer to 1st or 2nd year high school*;
• Demonstrates good moral character;
• Has a strong drive to excel
*It is necessary to present supporting documents of eligibility.

How many entries can be nominated?
• You can nominate only one (1) entry.

What should the entry contain?
All entries should include the following:
1. Your name and your relationship to the nominee
2. Basic Information of the student:
- Full Name
- Address
- Date of birth (date-month-year)
3. Contact details: Landline number, cellphone number and e-mail address
4. A 300-word essay by the student, answering the question, “How can I change the world?”

Where should I send my entry?
• All entries should be e-mailed to changetheworld@bannisteracademy.com on or before March 9, 2011.

When will candidates be selected?
• 10 finalists will be selected, 5 girls and 5 boys. The Names of finalists will be announced on March 11, 2011. They will be contacted personally and through their registered guardians.
• All finalists have to take an entrance exam and interview on March 14. Winners will be awarded on March 19, during the Bannister Open House.

Bannister Academy is located in Circulo Verde, Calle Industria, Barangay Bagumbayan, Quezon City. We're offering Grades 1 to 4, and 1st to 4th Year High School.
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